June 5th - First Aid: Hydraulic & Crush Injuries


05 Jun 2020

June 5th - First Aid: Hydraulic & Crush Injuries

Further to our Emergency First Aid + Forestry workshops that Danny Ball has been helping us to deliver over the last 12 months, Danny has agreed to continue to support FFF beneficiaries with a Webinar based around Crush and Hydraulic injuries.

More infomation and Registration here

Crush injury occurs when a body part is subjected to a high force or pressure, usually after being squeezed between two heavy objects. When working in remote conditions being crushed by heavy machinery or object can be catastrophic, putting the right measures in place could save lives.

Hydraulic injection injury occurs when a jet of fluid under pressure penetrates the skin of an individual, most commonly the hand or the digits of the hand. These injuries can be deadly if left unattended or ignored.

Come along and get a better understand on how to deal with these injuries and how to deal with them on site.