FISA at Forestry Expo 2019 - 22 & 23 August 2019


22 Aug 2019

FISA at Forestry Expo 2019 - 22 & 23 August 2019

FISA will be at the Forestry Expo, come along to see us at stand No 39 – next to the FISA banner coated truck…

We will have lots going on:

  • Launch of the FISA/TTF guidance on strapping of roundwood on timber trucks
  • Come and have a go at the Log holding competition – sponsored by TH White (Alucar / Palfinger)
  • Industry professionals from both the state and private sector ready to discuss safety issues and concerns
  • A live Brigade ‘machine’ camera system on demo from Banlaw systems
  • Information on Health and Wellbeing from NHS Ayrshire  
  • We want to hear from you about your experience and/or thoughts on chainshot; have you ever sat in a machine with a window with a lump out due to chainshot?! 
  • If you’re a haulier, call in - Load security – your responsibility; and the O licence holder responsibility.

Chainshot issues:

Chainsaw parts normally move in the plane of the saw bar but can be deflected into all directions.  For the machine operator, if chainshot occurs, the most dangerous situation is to be hit by the chain shot.  A chain link flying through the air has about the mass and kinetic energy of a 9mm bullet. 

Maintenance of the cutting equipment must be checked and maintained regularly to protect your employees and yourself – it is your duty to train your employees in this regard and to point out the dangers! 

Possible causes of chainshot:

  • Improper chain tension – too loose saw chain
  • Improper maintenance and repairs
  • Worn or missing chainshot protection (chain catcher)
  • Drive sprocket, saw bar- and chain lubrication
  • Damaged saw chain
  • Excessive saw chain speeds

Safety glass is one part of the machine safety equipment to prevent chainshot – but the maintenance of the cutting equipment is crucially important.  (Thickness and standardisation of the safety glass is currently being debated).  Safety features such as chain catchers also help to reduce chainshot; but they do wear and need replaced! On older machines these may need to be retrofitted, speak to the manufacturer/supplier, some offer this.