FISA Forestry Industry Safety Summit


27 Mar 2019

FISA Forestry Industry Safety Summit

FISA invites you to attend the Forest Industry Safety Summit on Wednesday the 27th of March at the Highland Hall Upper Foyer, Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, Edinburgh, EH28 8NB.

The meeting starts 10am and finishes at 3pm.

RSVP by close of business on Friday the 8th of March 2019 to 

The purpose of the Safety Summit is to re-focus on the urgent need to improve forestry safety. The Summit will also be open to FISA members and the wider forestry industry and is supported by the HSE.

The rate of fatal and major injuries in commercial forestry remains as one of the highest of the industries that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulates.

Clear and positive safety leadership is vital to ensure that forestry health & safety risks are effectively managed.  Safety leadership requires board level involvement, and drive behavioural change and capability.

All parties involved in commercial forestry work, from Landowner to the chainsaw cutter, have a role to play in ensuring that work is completed safely.  The roles of the Landowner/Agent and the Forest Works Manager (FWM) are key, as their actions and decisions have a fundamental bearing on the standards of the health and safety on site.

This year will see the publication of the revised FISA Guidance on Managing Health and Safety in Forestry (GMHSF). FISA will present headlines from the review, which promotes early safety planning, ahead of work and demonstration of competence, putting greater emphasis on understanding the roles and responsibilities of the ‘Duty Holders’.

The HSE will offer their insights from a HSE inspection programme of fifty forestry visits.  The main focus of these HSE inspections has been planning and management of chainsaw operations. The inspection programme has challenged the industry’s widely-held view that it’s not reasonably practical to provide welfare facilities on its forestry sites. 

An update on safe haulage will emphasise the need for load security; and driver safety.

RSVP by close of business on Friday the 8th of March 2019 to

Alastair Sandels, FISA Chair
Gillian Clark, FISA CEO
Simon Hodgson, FISA Director