FISA Annual General Meeting - 19th March 2016


FISA Annual General Meeting - 19th March 2016

19 Mar 2016

FISA Annual General Meeting, Stirling Court Hotel, Stirling on the 19th March 2016 – 1.00pm (Lunch provided at 12.00noon) 

The main business at the FISA General Meeting will be the proposed new Articles and Rules.  FISA, like most companies, was set up using standard documents, new Articles and Rules have been drafted to better describe the running of FISA.  The proposed Articles and Rules provide a procedure to manage the running of FISA.  

The Articles and Rules have been developed in wide consultation across the industry.  The proposed changes to the Articles and Rules must be considered and approved by the FISA Members; this will be by way of a vote at the General Meeting on the 19th March.  

The Articles and Rules do not need to be updated annually, they will only need to be updated if there are changes to the way FISA operates, requiring amendment, or review. 

The General Meeting will also include an update about FISA and the future outlook, with the FISA Strategic Plan.  

Please see the attached meeting documents:

  1. Annual General Meeting Agenda
  2. Notice of Annual General Meeting
  3. Articles of Association
  4. Rules of the Company
  5. Proxy Form

The issue of the FISA General Meeting documents can be quite confusing, here is an explanation about the released documents.

I hope you can join us for the meeting; but if you are unable to come along, please use your proxy vote, a form is included with the issued FISA General Meeting documents.

Gillian Clark