FISA Training Course Fees


FISA Training Course Fees

17 May 2016

FISA membership fees have supported the development of Chainsaw Refresher, Supervisor and Forestry Works Manager courses; and for that reason FISA member course fees are being kept at the same fee.  

Those course delegates who are non-FISA members will be charged a higher fee to ensure that a portion of their course fees can help to support FISA topics associated with Skills & Development.  FISA aims to run courses ‘at cost’. 

COURSE FEES (for all courses taken from June 1st 2016) 

  • Chainsaw Refresher Course – FISA member £128+VAT; Non-FISA Member £178+VAT 
  • Supervisor Course - FISA member £110+VAT; Non-FISA Member £185+VAT 
  • Forestry Works Manager Course - FISA member £90+VAT; Non-FISA Member £165+VAT 

For all training requirements please email