FISA update - 20th December 2016


FISA update - 20th December 2016

20 Dec 2016

Thanks go to all those who are supporting the FISA Working Groups. In particular the volunteers and companies who provide staff, meeting rooms and refreshments.  Thanks also to our sponsors who support events and publications. This year special thanks to: Scottish Woodlands, Egger, Tilhill, BSW, FC, Euroforest, and Newton Rigg College.

Read a Roundup of FISA Working Group activities here.

Each month we receive a range of queries on forestry health and safety.  The FISA Working Groups help provide the information in response either directly or via the website. 

For example this week, we have had queries on the type of lighting used for forestry night work near a substation;  who or what information should be sought prior to works on a site with potential live ordinance; and whether other sites have used satellite phones.

Thank you also to all companies who have provided safety alerts and reported accidents to FISA. There is great learning for us all in the review of these and maintaining awareness throughout the FISA membership and beyond.

We do however need greater involvement of ‘front-line’ forest floor operators and contractors in the FISA Working Groups.  If you can’t make it to meetings; but would like to get involved; you could help for example by joining conference calls or reviewing safety documents via email.

If you would like to get involved, please email