Red Diesel Call for Evidence


Red Diesel Call for Evidence

05 Apr 2017

As you may have seen, at Spring Budget 2017 the government announced that it would publish a call for evidence on the use of red diesel. This call for evidence is an information gathering exercise and is designed to improve the data sources available to government about red diesel use. 

The document is now available at 

Please could all harvesting and haulage companies using or requiring red diesel respond to this. Their agenda is about diesel pollution in urban areas but it is very likely that HM Treasury officials have absolutely no inkling that there is a forest industry harvesting and forwarding 10m tonnes of timber. We need to give them an idea of the scale of use in forestry so we don’t get forgotten in metrocentric policy agendas.  I wouldn’t get into debates about the grey areas, just explain in simple terms the scale of use of red diesel in forestry in rural Britain.

Please respond directly to HM Treasury.  This consultation closes at 11:45pm on 30 June 2017