Release of New Zealand Independent Forestry Safety Review


Release of New Zealand Independent Forestry Safety Review

03 Nov 2014

Set up in late January, the Review Panel over the last nine months has been consulting widely throughout New Zealand, including those that have been affected by serious injuries and fatalities. Meetings with more than 540 forestry stakeholders have been run, 111 submissions were received and more than 330 workers have completed a Forestry Worker Survey as part of the review.

The independent panel’s task was to identify the likely causes and contributing factors that have led to the high rate of serious injuries and fatalities in the New Zealand forestry sector. As detailed by Review Panel Chair, George Adams, unfortunately the forestry sector has been the most dangerous sector in which to work in New Zealand. The injury rate is double that of the other sectors and the fatality rate is 15 times the overall rate for all sectors. This has to change.

The full and comprehensive report (146 pages) can now be downloaded directly from A video interview with panel members on the findings from the report can be seen here and an 11 page Summary of the Recommendations has been uploaded here for you and can be viewed by clicking here.

The report contains a package of practical recommendations that are considered necessary to bring about long-term, system-wide and integrated changes within the sector for Government, the forestry industry and workers to action. A commitment to change and leadership will be an essential part of the recommendations. It’s recommended that a Forestry Leaders Action Group and Forestry Sector Health and Safety Action Plan be put in place within three months of today’s meeting. Take a look yourself at the findings. Further comment is covered below and other details will follow.