Updating Guidance on Managing Health & Safety in Forestry.


Updating Guidance on Managing Health & Safety in Forestry.

03 Jul 2017

Everyone involved in forestry work has health and safety duties and responsibilities. 

Guidance on Managing Health and Safety in Forestry contains guidance to help employers, the self-employed and those in control of work in forestry to meet their duties under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. 

This is guidance for your work-place, so please help with the review of the guidance! 

All comments based on the questions below please send to info@ukfisa.com by 25th July 2017.  

Q1: How do the roles of:

  • Landowner;
  • Forestry Works Manager;
  • Contractor;
  • Sub-contractor;
  • Contractor’s Site Safety Co-Ordinator, and
  • Forestry Works Supervisor,

as defined in Section 3 of the guide, reflect current practice?

 Q2: How can the roles be improved to better reflect best practice for site supervision?

 Q3: How do you use the guide?

 Q4: How can the document be improved?