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Covid-19 Timber Haulage Alert - 27 March 2020

Forestry England Safety Alert

A timber haulier entered Forestry England land to collect timber and while on site, the driver engaged in conversation with the supervisor. Both parties maintained social distancing. During the conversation however it became evident that the driver had a cough symptomatic of COVID-19 infection and he admitted that he thought he had contracted the disease. The driver left with a load to go to the customer’s mill.

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Tigercat Rollover

Safety Alert from Glennon Brothers

A number of learning points when felling on steep ground.

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Change in Enforcement Expectations for Mild Steel Welding Fume

HSE Safety Alert

Target Audience: All workers, employers, self-employed, contractors’ and any others who undertake welding activities, including mild steel, in any industry.

Key Issues:         

  • There is new scientific evidence that exposure to all welding fume, including mild steel welding fume, can cause lung cancer.
  • There is also limited evidence linked to kidney cancer.
  • There is a change in HSE enforcement expectations in relation to the control of exposure of welding fume, including that from mild steel welding.
  • All businesses undertaking welding activities should ensure effective engineering controls are provided and correctly used to control fume arising from those welding activities.
  • Where engineering controls are not adequate to control all fume exposure, adequate and suitable respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is also required to control risk from the residual fume.

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Roadside Timber Felling and Loading

Dumfries & Galloway Timber Transport Group

Roadside tree felling and timber stacking reported. After visiting site, a stack of timber was found by the roadside and concerns were expressed about felling operations next to the road and the possible loading of timber from the roadside.


  • Contact the Council prior to starting any felling to discuss the options on how the work can be managed safely.
  • A difficult site like this needs careful planning with adequate risk assessments undertaken and detailed method statements and suitable traffic management approved by D&G Council.
  • Follow best practice guides for safe practices.

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Emergency Brake Test

Euroforest & Clinton Devon Estates Safety Alert

A part-loaded forwarder was involved in a run-away incident on a moderately steep bank in Devon due to the failure of both the working brakes (engine stall) and the emergency brake. Thankfully, due to the experience and competence of the contractor, no-one was injured.

A safe system for testing the repair was developed and proved effective for testing the braking systems in ‘real world’ conditions. This emergency brake test could be used more widely to improve the safety of mechanised operations on slopes.

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