Current Safety Alerts

Further essential information on the felling of diseased ash

FISA Safety Alert 02.18

Robust assessment of the work and thorough planning is essential to remove the risk when felling dead ash.

To be read in conjunction with recent Safety Guidance from Euroforest.

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Emergency Response Planning in Forestry

Emergency response planning means having the right information, training, and equipment to respond effectively when an injury or other catastrophic event occurs While emergency response planning typically involves a medical situation, it’s important to note that it goes beyond first aid.

The video that goes with this can be found at 

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Harvester screen smashed

Scottish Woodlands Toolbox Talk

When pulling trees from a stockpile ensure you are directing them into a safe area - not toward the machine.

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Fencing ‘wire strainer’ handle recoil - face injury to operator

Scottish Woodlands Toolbox Talk

During your tool pre-use checks, look over the ‘hands’ of the monkey arms for wear, look at the monkey arm rivets for excessive play, check each link of the chain for excess wear or damage. Any damage or excessive wear on any of these components will reduce the grip and hold of the ‘monkey hands’ making them liable to jump off when under strain.

When setting out your tensioning length, ensure that there is no kink in the chain.

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North east sawmill fined after employee has his leg amputated

A sawmill in north east England has been fined after a serious incident at its site resulted in an employee having his leg amputated below the knee.

Read full News Release from HSE here.

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