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Timber lorry strikes goalposts at overhead power line crossing point - March 2018

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A timber lorry operator was hauling dry chip wood and sat the crane on top of the load. The timber lorry crane smashed and brought down both sets of goalposts, before and after the overhead power line crossing point. He did not stop or report it.

The operator endangered the lives of subsequent timber lorry drivers, his colleagues and friends, by not stopping and reporting the damage he caused to the goalposts, which are specifically set up to protect them.

Read the full alert:

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Canadian Fatality Alert - March 2018

Police discover that a loaded logging truck had gone off the road and down a 15-foot embankment. The crash caused the logs to shift into the cab, trapping the driver. The driver, and lone occupant, a 44-year-old man from Merritt BC, was pronounced deceased at the scene.

While this incident is still under investigation and details are still to be determined, please review the following safety information related to safe log hauling in the attached alert:

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Canfor Safety Alert - Powerlines - January 2018

Incident summary:

  • A log truck driver lost control of the truck before leaving the road, entering the ditch, and rolling over onto the driver side.
  • The front bumper of the truck hit a power pole breaking it approximately 10ft above the ground.
  • The power lines came loose from the top of the pole and remained suspended above the roadway and two lines became tangled in the log bunks.
  • The driver was luckily wearing a seatbelt at the time and was not injured; the driver had to break through the window in order to climb out of the truck.

Read the full alert for more details inlcuding potential hazards and preventative actions:

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Guidance on Safe Crane Operations

FISA Safety Alert 01.18

On no account should the Crane Grab, whether loaded or not, be lifted above any person – including the operator. 

Loading crane risk zones detail listed

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Report of Accident - Falling Tree

FISA Safety Alert 05.17

Whilst felling a large diameter tree, the operator was just about to move around the tree after finished the felling cut when he noticed another tree beginning to fall behind him.  Unfortunately, he did not have enough time to react to the sight of the falling tree and was subsequently struck on the back.  

Learned outcomes 

Instances such as this where a small dead tree breaks off its stump and falls onto a Chainsaw operator whilst felling another neighbouring tree are unpredictable.  However, this accident highlights the importance of carrying out a thorough inspection of the immediate work area prior to undertaking any felling.  This will also include checking to ensure that escape routes are clear and free of any obstructions.  Forest Works Managers should also consider this hazard on future operations and the risks that such trees could pose to site based personnel including Chainsaw operators.  Should they deem it necessary, such hazards need to be recorded on the site based risk assessment and appropriate methods of controlling the risk identified and implemented.

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