Current Safety Alerts

Operator finger injury

Scottish Woodlands Tool Box Talk - January 2018

A machine operator was fitting the ‘thumb’ attachment into place on the boom of his excavator.

The operator was driving the fixing pin into the housing on the main block holding the ‘thumb fitting’ in position. The operator caught the third finger on his left hand with the edge of the hammer as he was driving the pin home. He was wearing heavy leather gloves.

The operator is of the opinion that his heavy leather gloves greatly reduced the extent of the injury he received. The extremely cold temperature reduced his ability to hold and work the tools.

We have a number of accidents reported to us this time of year, when weather conditions are extreme and daylight hours are short. Understandably, operators look to maximise daylight time for productivity and sometimes push maintenance, servicing fuelling or mobilisation works, into the work times before or after daylight.

Undertaking these works in these extreme conditions is when our operators are most at risk. Please bear this in mind when planning out your working day.

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Fencing wire eye injury

Scottish Woodlands Tool Box Talk - Nov 2017

A section of wire sprang up and caught the operator in the right eye and cut the lower eyelid.

The fencing squad were aware of the hazard, the site risk assessment had identified the requirement of eye protection and the squad had protective goggles with them on site, however they had chosen not to wear these at this time as they were finding that they were steaming up.

When you are selecting safety glasses/goggles for your protection ensure you purchase those marked as EN166. Consider using glasses with anti-scratch (marked as K) and anti-fogging (marked as N) coatings, these greatly reduce the loss of clarity through abrasion and misting up. Better quality glasses/goggles allow better clarity and last longer.

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Safety Zones / Escape Routes

FISA Safety Alert 03.17

Four recent serious accidents in Scotland have served as a stark reminder how dangerous worksites involving chainsaw work can be.  Despite a huge amount of effort over the past few years these accidents keep happening.  Tragically, most could have easily been prevented.  

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At work supervision & mentoring

FISA Safety Alert 02.17

At work supervision & mentoring for those training under the Forest Machine Operation(s) ‘record of registration’ (historically known as the ‘Provisional Licence’) must be provided by a person who holds the qualification(s) appropriate to the machinery being used and operation being carried out.  This supervisor must be proficient in the use of the machine(s).  

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FISA Member Incident Notification

FISA Safety Alert 01.17

A chainsaw operator suffered minor injury in a felling accident, and made a precautionary visit to hospital. The chainsaw operator was working as part of a team on an active timber harvesting site in NE England. 

The details of this incident are still unknown, as the incident is under investigation.

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