Current Safety Alerts

Forestry worker dies in accident near Selkirk

HSE notification of a fatal incident at Sunderland Hall near Selkirk in the Scottish Borders.

Whilst the details of the incident are still unknown (and subject to a full investigation), it is important to remember that chainsaw felling is one of the most hazardous activities undertaken in the forest industry. 

Thorough planning by all involved is vital to ensure that work is only undertaken by properly trained and experienced people using the correct equipment and techniques.  

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Raised Cranes on Timber Lorries

Over the past few weeks we have received two reports of timber lorries moving with the timber crane in a raised position. Both have struck overhead objects.

Timber lorries must have the timber crane safely stowed before moving.

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PPE – Your last line of defence

A chainsaw operator narrowly escaped a serious head injury when a branch from a tree he was felling snapped off and came back toward him striking him across the shoulder and back of the head.

PPE is the last line of defence against injury and must ALWAYS be worn, kept up-to-date and in good condition.

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Tree surgeon killed when he fell while working in tree

Notification of recent tree work fatality attached.

Whilst light on detail at this early stage of HSE’s investigation it is important to publicise its occurrence and to highlight sources of relevant information.

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Chain shot from operating harvesters

This Safety Alert is being issued as a result of a recent chain shot accident on a harvesting site.

Chain shot can cause serious injury or death to the machine operator, ground personnel and bystanders. It occurs when the chain breaks within the harvesting head and ejects a piece or pieces of chain at high velocity (similar to the speed of a bullet).

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