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FISA Member Incident Notification

FISA Safety Alert 01.17

A chainsaw operator suffered minor injury in a felling accident, and made a precautionary visit to hospital. The chainsaw operator was working as part of a team on an active timber harvesting site in NE England. 

The details of this incident are still unknown, as the incident is under investigation.

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Pedestrian Access Alert

FISA Information leaflet based on a Forestry Commission England Health & Safety Briefing showing a simple system to monitor public access on a worksite operated by a contractor that alerts the machine operator to unauthorised public ingress.

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Track tensioning incident

Do not refit/reuse hydraulic components that have detached from the hydraulic system under pressure. 

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An operative died from hydraulic injury sustained whilst tensioning the track of an item of construction plant (this would be applicable to a lot of forestry plant too).  The grease nipple became detached from the track adjustment mechanism permitting the release of grease under high pressure. 

This alert reminds those involved in the adjustment and maintenance of hydraulic machinery of the potential for such injury during this type of work.

Fatality Alert - British Columbia

A Preliminary Information notice.

On February 28th, a chip truck went off the road and over a steep embankment on Highway 3 near Manning Park. The driver was trapped in the cab for two days before being rescued. Tragically, he passed away from his injuries on March 4th.

This, and the Scottish Woodlands Toolbox Talk on an overturned timber lorry, highlight the importance of having a reliable ‘lone working’ procedure.

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Overturned timber lorry - Machine and environmental damage - March 2017

Scottish Woodlands Toolbox Talk

This incident and the more tragic BCFSC Fatality Alert highlight the importance of having a reliable ‘lone working’ procedure.

FISA has a Lone Working Information Leaflet.

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