Current Safety Alerts

Fatality Alert - British Columbia

A Preliminary Information notice.

On February 28th, a chip truck went off the road and over a steep embankment on Highway 3 near Manning Park. The driver was trapped in the cab for two days before being rescued. Tragically, he passed away from his injuries on March 4th.

This, and the Scottish Woodlands Toolbox Talk on an overturned timber lorry, highlight the importance of having a reliable ‘lone working’ procedure.

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Overturned timber lorry - Machine and environmental damage - March 2017

Scottish Woodlands Toolbox Talk

This incident and the more tragic BCFSC Fatality Alert highlight the importance of having a reliable ‘lone working’ procedure.

FISA has a Lone Working Information Leaflet.

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Please don’t bring your children to work!

Seasonal Warning                       

As the Easter holidays approach please remember that it is unsafe to carry children in wagon/forestry machine cabs. Children can and do:.......

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Significant Thorn Strike Injury

A chainsaw operative sustained a thorn strike to the middle finger of their right hand.

The individual suffered a severe reaction and has remained off work since (in excess of 3 weeks).

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AMEY - cable strike fine

Amey fined £600k over 11,000v cable strike

This safety alert is for a construction company - planning of forestry work to avoid cable strike as it is a vital safety requirement. 

Construction company Amey has been sentenced after one of its subcontracted workers was set on fire in May 2015 while replacing a traffic light pole in Gloucester city centre.

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