Current Safety Alerts

Weather Alert - November 2014

UPM Safety Alert.

In two separate incidents, two operators have been injured on UPM Tilhill harvesting sites with the change in weather as a contributory cause.

The common theme of these incidents has been the change in the weather in recent weeks. This inevitably has an effect on site conditions. You must review your risk assessments and work methods to the current conditions. Many sites will have been started during the dry summer and the on-site conditions will now have changed dramatically.

While the incidents were on harvesting sites, the conditions leading to them exist on forestry sites as well

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Outcome of Fatal Accident Enquiry - October 2014

Outcome of Fatal Accident Enquiry

James Callander & Sons Ltd - Safety Alert.

A recent fatal accident inquiry in October 2014 ruled "Accidental Death" and ruled that the accident was primarily due to operator error.

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Chainsaw Operator suffers deep cut to face - May 2014

Chainsaw Operator suffers deep cut to face

Euroforest Ltd Safety Alert - Always plan any operation and make sure the area is cleared and safe zones are made before any felling cuts are started.

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Increase in Ticks this year - May 2014

Increase in Ticks this year - May 2014

The article below on the BBC website is warning of an increase in Tick numbers this year. It refers to Scotland, but the whole of the UK had a mild winter and could see the same effect. Please be extra vigilant for ticks after being out on site and remove them safely using tick twisters

 For more information on ticks please visit the BADA UK website. While they have closed as an organisation, the website is currently still active.

Tipping Vehicles - February 2014

Tipping Vehicles

A recent sector survey identified that there had been a significant number of incidents resulting in ‘Tipper Vehicles’ overturning during the last 3 years, the outcome of these overturns can often result in fatal or serious injury.


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