Beware Falling Branches - Tilhill Safety Alert


Beware Falling Branches - Tilhill Safety Alert

As the injured party had completed the felling cut, the rear of the forked branches started falling vertically top first to the ground where IP was standing. The branch glanced the IPs hard hat and right-hand shoulder/ right side of body. The IP fell to the ground and the force of the branch knocked him about 2 to 3m down the bank.

The other chainsaw operator went to his aid and summoned assistance by running down the slope to other operators who were working nearby.

The emergency response procedures worked well and the Mountain Rescue, Ambulance and Air Ambulance were on the scene within 30 minutes of the call.

Learning Points:

1. Be constantly aware of likely danger, especially when the tree begins to fall.
2. Always check and double check branches for any changes no matter how slight whilst felling.
3. Chainsaw operators must have a means of communication with them at all times.
4. Review your emergency plan to ensure that it is up to date and relevant to the part of the site you are working on.
5. Ensure you are wearing the correct PPE at all times.

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