Chainshot – chain safety features missing from machines!


Chainshot – chain safety features missing from machines!

3rd May 2019

Over the last couple of days the FISA CEO has been out having a look at some harvesters (she has looked at a range of colours/brands).

She has been very disappointed to see on a number of machines that are only 3 -5 years old that the majority of the chain safety features where missing!  These are not expensive items, they’re easy to fit.  Indeed, they would have been fitted when the machine was new as vital chainshot protection.

Please do yourself a favour and get these back on your machines. 

Worn sprockets were also a common sight– this will also increase the risk of chain shot, and cost you more in chains, so please get them replaced if they’re worn!

If you’re an FWM, do your contractors a favour, encourage this maintenance to be done.

The FISA Plant & Equipment WG will be issuing more on this shortly.  We are putting this note out now as she was so shocked to see the poor level of maintenance on the straw poll of harvesters she looked at.