Estate radio system setting off harvester head


Estate radio system setting off harvester head

Site pre-start check, picked up a radio glitch

As part of a standing sale thinning we had some roadside harvesting to undertake on a B road.  Our estate staff were set up to do the traffic management (Stop/Go boards) whilst the contractor for a local timber merchant felled the trees within the roadside zone. 

The signs where set up and the teams had just run through a tool box talk to go over the method of working when it was discovered that the transmit button on the short wave radios that were to be used to communicate with the traffic controllers and the harvesting operator was setting off the cut function on the harvester head.  On discovering this we changed the radios to shorter range walkie talkie radios which presented no further problems. 

I spoke to our Estate radio system supplier who had not come across the problem himself, but had heard of a similar radio system interfering with a rear linkage of an agricultural  John Deere tractor and a pea harvester in Fife.  He suggested that the problem may be down to inadequate screening in the harvester from radio interference.  The harvester was a Ponsse.