Struck by tree during a felling operation


Struck by tree during a felling operation

HSE - Initial notification of forestry fatality - see attached.

Key messages

Being struck by a tree, or branches, during felling or other tree work is a significant cause of death and major injury in forestry, aboriculture and other land-based industries. Tree work is common across the wider agricultural industry and the risks need to be managed. 

• Anyone involved in felling or tree work must be trained and competent for the task being done. 
• Making a felling cut is a one-person job. No other people should be close (keep people two tree lengths away). If the tree is on a slope, don’t let people stand lower down the slope where they will be at greater risk of being struck.   
• Check trees for signs of decay and other factors that may affect felling.
• Keep the escape route, and work area, clear of obstructions.
• Communicating safety information to everybody, including visitors, is an important part of managing health and safety. 

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