Unsafe Felling Practise - October 2015


Unsafe Felling Practise - October 2015

A recent incident has occurred involving extreme unsafe felling practise on one of our sites. Thankfully this did not lead to any injury but it could easily have been fatal for the operator or others on the site. 

The chainsaw operator had all their relevant tickets, was compliant with FISA refresher requirements and had worked on a Euroforest site before. 

However, on this day, all the training was forgotten, and an attempt was made to fell trees that were leaning uphill, down the slope by domino felling. A total of five trees were cut and left in this dangerous state. When another contractor entered the risk zone to assist, one of the trees fell under its own momentum and he had to take evasive action. 

The cutter was new on site that day and the FWM had not been informed of this. This meant that recognised procedure for new or returning contractors was not followed. They were set to work and no monitoring of their competence took place. Thankfully not many trees were cut before it became obvious that they were struggling. Felling was stopped and the trees were safely brought to ground. 

This could easily have been a fatality.

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