Current Safety Bulletins

Hydraulic Oil Spill

Scottish Woodlands Toolbox Talk

During routine maintenance about 10 litres of hydraulic oil was lost from a harvesting machine onto the surface of a layby on the forest road. The operator took no action to recover the spilt oil and allowed it to soak away into the road.
The main contractor is now facing a large bill to dig out and replace the contaminated hard core and have it disposed of as Special Waste to a registered disposal site. 
Never ignore an oil or diesel spill even if it is quite small, it will spread much further than you think. 

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Sudden shed death

Scottish Woodlands Toolbox Talk

The crown and limbs were removed from the first tree, using the agreed work method, reducing the weight remaining in the stem.
The work team then decided to move from the original work plan. They attempted to fell the stem and pull it back into the woodland area using two hand winches.

The agreed working method was to section fell all of the tree.
Before you change the agreed working method, ensure you agree this with the Forest Works Manager.

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Tree felled over biomass silo

Scottish Woodlands Tollbox Talk

An experienced chainsaw operator was attempting to fell a dead veteran Birch tree from between some storage and work units. The holding hinge broke and the tree fell without control onto and damaged the adjacent biomass silo. No one was hurt. The biomass silo was irreparable and required to be replaced.

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Log Bridge Causes Flooding

Scottish Woodlands Toolbox Talk

The placement of a log bridge relative to the watercourse channel can be important in times of high-water flows.

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What3Words App

FISA Safety Bulletin

Emergency services around the UK are encouraging all rural workers to download the What3Words free smartphone app.

The app, that can save “vital time” locating an injured person after an accident, is being increasingly used in rural areas and by emergency services.

The What3Words app operates by providing three unique words for every three square metres of land around the world to identify precise locations.  Simply give the operator the three words to enable emergency services to locate you.

Read more on its use by emergency services across the UK.  

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