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What3Words App

FISA Safety Bulletin

Emergency services around the UK are encouraging all rural workers to download the What3Words free smartphone app.

The app, that can save “vital time” locating an injured person after an accident, is being increasingly used in rural areas and by emergency services.

The What3Words app operates by providing three unique words for every three square metres of land around the world to identify precise locations.  Simply give the operator the three words to enable emergency services to locate you.

Read more on its use by emergency services across the UK.  

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Tilhill Forestry - Safety Assurance Bulletin - December 2019

Slips and Trips

Welfare - getting it right first time

Lond Working

First Aid Provision changes in forestry

News elsewhere

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Tilhill Forestry - Safety Assurance Bulletin - November 2019

Stop. Think. Plan, Do.

Speed of a Bullet

What3Words - The future?

Road Safety Week

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Working at Height

A FISA member has raised concern regarding access to HGV trailer beds and this has serious implications for the timber haulage sector.

Other industries have developed fall prevention systems and FISA will review these and discuss with the Road Haulage Association to see if there is a cross over application that will suit forestry. FISA will also discuss any potential exemptions with HSE.

The FISA Haulage WG welcomes all ideas, suggestions and solutions to reduce potential risks to operators, operatives and allow for legal compliance. Email these to and they will be forwarded to the WG.

Read the full Safety Bulletin below for full details.

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Fall from Cab

Two Safety Alerts relating to falls from a cab have been shared with FISA

Peel Ports October 2019 - An incident occurred when a driver working in the Mersey Cluster fell to the ground from the steps of his payloader. Unfortunately, the fall resulted in a fracture to his left arm - Read here

JST Services Nov 2018 - A JST operator has fallen approximately 1.5m from a Liebherr 924 Handling machine cab, sustaining fractures to both arms. Read here.

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