Current Safety Bulletins

Acetylene - ventilation of vans research and footage of explosion

Publication of research into the effect of ventilation in the rear of vans on the build-up of acetylene leaking from, say, a welding set.

The full report can be seen at:

The key message remains that where reasonably practicable, acetylene should be transported in open vehicles.

Essex tree surgeon in court after chainsaw fall onto worker

A tree surgeon from Clacton-on-Sea has been fined after he fell nearly four metres, still clutching a running chainsaw, and landed on a colleague as they were pruning a garden tree in Little Oakely, near Harwich.

Although this is an Arb incident it highlights the lack of competency training.

Read full article here.

Felling within the red zone of an overhead power line.

You cannot put a price on safety.

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Dead tree falls and breaks chainsaw operator's forearm

An experienced chainsaw operator was struck by a falling dead tree.

There was poor mobile reception on the worksite. On-site communications should be ‘fit for purpose’, in areas where mobile reception is poor, consider the use of walkie-talkies, especially where chainsaw operators are involved. At the very least, chainsaw operators should carry a whistle.

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Chainsaw accident sees golfer nearly lose his left hand

 Chainsaw accidents can happen to anyone - many will have seen these news items on Greg Norman's recent chainsaw accident, but still worth learning the lessons

Greg Norman: Chainsaw accident sees golfer nearly lose his left hand - BBC

Greg Norman reveals details of how horrific chainsaw accident left him needing surgery in hospital – Daily Mail


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