Current Safety Bulletins

Potentially Fatal - July 2012

Potentially Fatal

The past few weeks have seen a series of incidents, each of which could easily have resulted in fatal injuries.

Each case is being investigated fully and also being reviewed for any evidence of common threads. None of the sites or the tasks were out of the ordinary, so we must all remain alert to the hazards of our work and the

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De-energise your plant - June 2012

De-energise your plant

When you carry out maintenance on your mobile plant and equipment do you switch it off? I would hope for all our sakes that we carry out this most basic step. But have you thought beyond that?

You may wonder what I mean by that question – Have you secured the machine so that it cannot be turned back on again before it is safe to do so? This can be as simple as removing the key and keeping it somewhere safe, away from other people. If you do this then you are on the right tracks.

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Hand Auger Kicks Back - May 2012

Hand Auger Kicks Back

An operator was injured using a hand auger as it kicked back when it became jammed. A fault on the brake meant that it didn’t operate as it should have.

The investigation has shown that the machine was checked at the start of the shift and was found to be in good working order at that time. This check was relayed verbally by the operators instead of being officially documented. During the day a screw securing the brake worked loose and fell out.

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Forestry Safety Summit - April 2012

Forestry Safety Summit

In early March, Steve Lavery attended the Forestry Safety Summit. This was a gathering of the main UK forestry companies, organisations and representative bodies such as Confor and UKFPA.

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UPM Tilhill launches Step Change In Safety - March 2012

UPM Tilhill launches Step Change In Safety

The January Safety Bulletin provided you with the initial information about the Step Change In Safety programme. This is an important new safety programme from UPM and the Tilhill official launch commenced on 5th March 2012 with a briefing from me to all Managers.

A lot of work has already been put into the programme both corporately and at a local level in Tilhill. UPM has laid out its minimum standards on many topics. Regardless of local laws these standards represent the minimum that must be applied wherever UPM works in the world.

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