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Woodland establishment machines – two near misses

Scottish Woodlands - Safety Toolbox Talk

Tracked base machine slides away and quad bike overturns.

Plan your work to allow yourself flexibility to react to changing weather conditions, particularly when it comes to areas of steep ground or ground which may become more difficult to navigate during or after rain.

When transporting materials ensure they are correctly secured, this will greatly reduce the likelihood that they will shift in transit and unbalance the quad.
The FISA Safety Guide 701 ATV quad bikes offers additional advice on the safe carrying of loads and sets other important safety standards for the safe operation of quads. 

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Working at height. Fall from trailer bed - dislocated ankle

Scottish Woodlands - Toolbox Talk

An operator working on a landscaping site loaded a lawnmower onto the tilted bed of a plant trailer. After he had lowered the trailer bed back into the level and locked travel position, he climbed back up onto the trailer bed to adjust and secure the mower. While standing in the bed of the trailer, he took a step backward and tripped, falling over the side of the trailer. As he fell his right foot became trapped under the mower. He landed on the road and lacerated his head. His trapped foot wrenched under the mower and dislocated at the ankle.

Learning points:

  • equipment selection
  • three-point contact
  • safety footwear

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Tilhill Forestry - Safety Assure Bulletin - July 2018

IOS Events

Lyme Disease

Public Awareness of Safety in the Forest

Lone Working

Spill Kits

Pesticides - a Refresher

Provision of Welfare

Contractor Awards

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Lyme Disease

FISA Information Leaflet 001-1114, Revised June 2018

This leaflet seeks to raise awareness of the Hazards of Ticks in forests and woodlands, and the best methods to prevent Lyme disease infection from a Tick bite. 

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Loading & Unloading Large Heavy Forestry Plant

FISA Safety Bulletin 06.18

Loading and unloading large and heavy forestry plant on and off low loaders and flatbed trailers is likely to be one of the more hazardous forestry operations carried out on a site.  The operation requires careful planning:

A recent driver’s accident involved a hand being crushed while loading a harvester onto a low loader.  

Here are some tips on taking precautionary safety measures.

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