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Tilhill Forestry - Safety Assurance Bulletin - June 2019

Safe Trucking


Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Keep it Tidy

Feeling the Burn?

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Exposed edge tree brings down live overhead power line

Scottish Woodlands Toolbox Talk.

No injury occurred and no one was working in the vicinity at the time.

Power line shut down arrangement to enable forestry works, in terms of scheduling, timings and durations, should always look to balance
- electrical supply disruption, which itself carries human health and safety risks,
- and the direct operational risk to human safety, related to work in the proximity of live powerlines
to a level which both parties, the Network Operator and the Harvesting Team, believe and agree to be ‘as low as is reasonably practical’ for the site-specific circumstances.

Safety should always take precedence over resourcing issues, from both the Network Operator and the Harvesting Team.

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Carbon Monoxide

Forth Ports shared a recent incident with Port Skills & Safety which occurred during a  routine confined space check being carried out in the access way to a vessel hold. Within a short period of time, the gas monitor alarmed show that Carbon Monoxide was present

Of interest to those who access shipping - eg Forestry supply managers accessing vessels. 

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Tilhill Forestry - Safety Assurance Bulletin - May 2019

A lifeline for foresters

Ensure everything is secure

Space invaders

Know the Rules - 2nd edition OUT NOW

Sharing good practice

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Forestry & Land Scotland working safely and contract management

At the FISA Steering Group meeting on 19th March 2019, a member raised a concern over a contractual dispute relating to unsafe chainsaw working on the National Forest & Land, managed by Forestry & Land Scotland (FLS). 

After investigation, the member’s complaint was upheld. After apologising to the member for the distress caused, immediate steps were taken to put things right, learn and avoid a similar situation happening again.

Read the full letter from FLS below:

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