Current Safety Bulletins

Mental Health – First Aid Training

FISA has prepared a Good Practice note on how to help raise awareness and train some of your team to be able to recognise and know how to respond to help colleagues if mental health is an issue.

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Timber lorry hydraulic oil spills

Scottish Woodlands - Toolbox talk

We work in some of the most scenic parts of our country. These are often also areas of high environmental sensitivity. 
Integral to our heavy machineries function, are pressurised hydraulic oil systems. Timber lorries, due to the type of work they undertake are particularly susceptible to pressurised hydraulic oil leaks.

In addition to the Toolbox Talk two other related documents are provided by Scottish Woodlands:

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Tilhill Forestry - Safety Assurance Bulletin - April 2019

Hung-up tree safety

Machinery checks going Tech

Caution: Mud on Road

Trailer Talk

Watch out - Beavers about

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Tilhill Forestry - Safety Assurance Bulletin - March 2019

Keep out of the Red

Managing Timber Stacks

Nesting Birds

Get ready for spraying

News Elsewhere

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Two companies fined after worker is fatally crushed at paper mill

Two companies have been fined after a worker suffered fatal crush injuries when he was struck by a shovel loader.

Mold Magistrates Court heard how on 6th February 2017, a 29-year-old employee of C M Downton (Haulage Contractors) Ltd was fatally crushed when he was struck from behind by a Volvo shovel loader whilst working at UPM-Kymmene (UK) Limited’s Shotton Paper Mill.

Read the full HSE Press Release here.

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