Current Safety Bulletins

Driver CPC Safety Bulletin

FISA has prepared a Safety Bulletin on Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) is a qualification for professional lorry drivers. It has been introduced across Europe with the aim of improving road safety and helping to
maintain high standards of driving.

This training is important because it will help lorry drivers refresh their skills and keep them up to date.

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Machine fire - burnt out harvester

Scottish Woodlands - Toolbox Talk

The operator was processing trees when the machine's fire alarm system sounded, and he noticed black smoke coming out of the rear of the engine compartment.

The worksite documentation with the emergency response plan - detailing the worksite Grid Reference and Postcode, had been left in the machine and due to the machine fire, were irretrievable. 

Always carry your mobile phone with you when you are out of your machine. If you have a smart phone, think about taking a photo of your emergency response plan details – specifically the location details such as the site name, the grid reference and postcode, and hold it on your phone for the duration of the job.

Details of OS Locator and First Aid Apps are shared.

Scottish Woodlands have created a Guide on Machine Fires which looks at machine fire prevention and response.

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Visitor Safety in Forests - Survey

Please can you complete this short survey to help a FISA Working Group will look at the topic of visitor safety/public access. Your input to this survey will really help the working group look at this very important safety area. Please make your response by the middle of March.

FISA members have raised concerns around the safety topic of visitor safety and public access to forests; particularly during forestry works. 

Earlier FC Guidance is shared with the industry and can be found on the FISA website on the Site Safety page of the Library and on the FC site at$FILE/FCPN019.pdf .

There are just five questions - but plenty of space to add your comments and thoughts on the topic.

Tilhill Forestry - Safety Assurance Bulletin - February 2019

Machinery Overturns

It's All Rubbish

Bagging Waste

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Tilhill Forestry - Safety Assurance Bulletin - January 2019

Welcome Back!

Stop, Think & Plan

Winter Driving

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