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Visitor Safety in Forests - Survey

Please can you complete this short survey to help a FISA Working Group will look at the topic of visitor safety/public access. Your input to this survey will really help the working group look at this very important safety area. Please make your response by the middle of March.

FISA members have raised concerns around the safety topic of visitor safety and public access to forests; particularly during forestry works. 

Earlier FC Guidance is shared with the industry and can be found on the FISA website on the Site Safety page of the Library and on the FC site at$FILE/FCPN019.pdf .

There are just five questions - but plenty of space to add your comments and thoughts on the topic.

Tilhill Forestry - Safety Assurance Bulletin - February 2019

Machinery Overturns

It's All Rubbish

Bagging Waste

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Tilhill Forestry - Safety Assurance Bulletin - January 2019

Welcome Back!

Stop, Think & Plan

Winter Driving

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Tilhill Forestry - Safety Assure Bulletin - December 2018

Beware the Tree, Part 1 - Falling Branches

Beware the Tree, Part 2 - Hung Up Trees

Plans for the Planting Season

A Christmas Carol or two from the NHS Information Centre

How much will your next round cost you?

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Chainsaw Cut to Protective Clothing

Scottish Woodlands - Toolbox Talk

Whilst clearing vegetation from a roadside ditch, a chainsaw operator made contact with the running chain of his chainsaw and the outer fabric of his protective chainsaw trousers.
No injury was sustained.

The operators colleague knew there was an issue regarding the stump, further communication between the team may have highlighted the risk and allowed for further assessment to be made.

When considering how to deal with specific issues, we should always be asking ourselves:

  • Elimination - do we even need to do this?
  • Substitution is this the right tool for the job?
  • Control what else can I do to control the risk?
  • PPE is it appropriate and fit for purpose?

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