Current Safety Bulletins

Tilhill Forestry - Safety and Assurance Bulletin June 2017

Counterfeit fake

Tick risk indicator


First aid tricks

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Tilhill Forestry - Safety and Assurance Bulletin May 2017

Protecting our water

First Aid update

Progression in safety

Invasive species aware

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Biosecurity Bulletin - Mud on Road

Mud on the road causes accidents! A clean vehicle improves biosecurity.

Biosecurity measures can be added to Contracts as following Biosecurity measures is good practice. 

Read the bulletin for more information.

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Tilhill Forestry - Safety and Assurance Bulletin April 2017

Safety with Electricity

Weather 'tis nobler in the mind

Fly tipping


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Metal fragments ejected through chipper chute

Scottish Woodlands - Tool box Talk

A branch wood chipper suffered catastrophic failure when the steel chipping blades shattered, were pulled into the flywheel fins and ejected out of the chipper chute.

Although these events are relatively rare, the metal fragments are ejected with such velocity, that if they were to strike a person they would, in all likelihood, cause a major injury.

As well as posing a safety risk, in most instances, the repair damage costs, not including stand down costs, is in the region of thousands of pounds.

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