Current Safety Bulletins

Tilhill Forestry - Safety and Assurance Bulletin March 2017

Planning for Power

Gearing up for the spraying season

Tick Time

Beware the Birds

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Timber lorry spills timber on public road - Feb 2017

Toolbox Talk from Scottish Woodlands and AW Jenkinson Transport

A timber lorry carrying a load of 1.7m posts overshot a sawmill entrance, the driver braked too severely, causing the bunks of posts in the bed of his trailer to ‘shift’ and part of the front bunk load to spill out onto the public highway and verge.

While ‘it is ultimately the individual drivers ‘legal’ responsibility to ensure his load is safe and secure’. It is responsibility of the whole of the Forest Industry, for its reputation and for the safety of the wider General Public (our communities, our families and friends) to ensure we are all working, both ‘in and out of forest’, to our own agreed and binding ‘Codes of Practice’.

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Tilhill Forestry - Safety and Assurance Bulletin February 2017

Know when to stop, Going underground and Maintenance Monday.

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Tilhill Forestry - Safety and Assurance Bulletin January 2017

It’s back to work we must safely go.

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Timber harvester operator in US killed following a chain shot incident

On August 12, 2010, a 47-year-old timber harvester operator (employed by a logging company) was fatally injured when he was struck in the neck by a broken saw chain link while processing a Douglas-fir tree and the cutting chain experienced chain shot. Chain shot is the high velocity separation and ejection of a piece or pieces of cutting chain from the end of a broken chain.

While this happened in USA it is still of relevance to all harvester operators.

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