Current Safety Bulletins

Tree worker in court after father and son suffer hand injuries

A self-employed arboriculturalist from Spalding has been fined after two workers  – a father and son – both suffered hand injuries while splitting logs. - Read full HSE news item.

The risks associated with unguarded machinery are well known in the industry, and so are the measures that should be taken to minimise or remove those risks.

New Entrants to Forestry and Supervision

A reminder to all supervisors of the need to provide supervision particularly to new entrants to forestry.

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Hydraulic Pressure Release

This Safe Quarry Incident Alert relating to the Hydraulics on an Excavator is relevant to the forest industry

Winter Driving

Timely advice for all driving in snow and icy conditions from the Freight Transport Association.

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Off cut strikes Operator

A 60cm offcut from a tree rolled down a slope and struck an operator working below. He suffered bruising to his back but the outcome could have been much more serious.

See Euroforest Safety Notice and emphasis on observance of Risk Zones

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