Current Safety Bulletins

Tilhill Forestry - Safety Assure Bulletin - November 2017

Public Awareness of Safety in the Forest

You need to be proud of your log stacks

Harvester Operator discovers overhead powerline by chance

Plan for Planting

Accident and near miss Investigation

Roll Over Protection

Tree worker fined after worker suffers life changing injuries

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Tilhill Forestry - Safety Assure Bulletin - October 2017

Overhead Power Lines - learning the lessons

Diffuse pollution and its impact

Falling from the tree

Manual handling

Travelling safely with dogs

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Tilhill Forestry - Safety Assure Bulletin - September 2017

A New Beginning

Stay on your feet!

Fuel, Oil and other polluting liquids.

Clean Up!

Healthy Working Lives

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Tilhill Forestry - Safety Assure Bulletin August 2017

Chainsaw Operator Struck by Tree
Allow Time for Ground Checking
Be Fire Aware
It’s Okay to Start with a STOP
Pine martens on your patch?
Tilhill Forestry Boundary Marking Standards
In the News Elsewhere 

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Timber lorry strikes goalposts - Scottish Woodlands Toolbox Talk, June 2017

A timber lorry struck a set of goalposts set up to warn hauliers of an overhead power line crossing point. The impact broke the top bar and brought down one of the support bars.

The incident occurred early in the afternoon. The damaged goalposts were not reported until midday the following day. Two other timber lorries had accessed and egressed the forest complex in this period, unaware that the warning goalposts and signage were no longer in place.

Overhead power line goalposts and warning signage are set up to act as a hi-visibility warning that you are about to cross under high voltage power lines and that there is a height limit in place.
They are installed for the safety of all our road users, but especially for those at most risk - our hauliers and heavy plant transporters.

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