Current Safety Bulletins

Off cut strikes Operator

A 60cm offcut from a tree rolled down a slope and struck an operator working below. He suffered bruising to his back but the outcome could have been much more serious.

See Euroforest Safety Notice and emphasis on observance of Risk Zones

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Harvester overturns - near miss. Jan 2015

Even the most experienced operators can miss read the ground in front of them.

See Scottish Woodlands Safety Bulletin for more on this incident as well as a reminder to all on safety

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Hydraulic injection injury

A maintenance fitter died from hydraulic injection injury sustained whilst tensioning the track of a piling rig. The grease nipple became detached from the track mechanism permitting the release of grease under high pressure. This alert reminds the target audience of the potential for such injury when working on any hydraulic machinery.

Read the HSE Safety Bulletin at 

Acetylene - ventilation of vans research and footage of explosion

Publication of research into the effect of ventilation in the rear of vans on the build-up of acetylene leaking from, say, a welding set.

The full report can be seen at:

The key message remains that where reasonably practicable, acetylene should be transported in open vehicles.

Essex tree surgeon in court after chainsaw fall onto worker

A tree surgeon from Clacton-on-Sea has been fined after he fell nearly four metres, still clutching a running chainsaw, and landed on a colleague as they were pruning a garden tree in Little Oakely, near Harwich.

Although this is an Arb incident it highlights the lack of competency training.

Read full article here.

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