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Tilhill Forestry - Safety and Assurance Bulletin April 2017

Safety with Electricity

Weather 'tis nobler in the mind

Fly tipping


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Metal fragments ejected through chipper chute

Scottish Woodlands - Tool box Talk

A branch wood chipper suffered catastrophic failure when the steel chipping blades shattered, were pulled into the flywheel fins and ejected out of the chipper chute.

Although these events are relatively rare, the metal fragments are ejected with such velocity, that if they were to strike a person they would, in all likelihood, cause a major injury.

As well as posing a safety risk, in most instances, the repair damage costs, not including stand down costs, is in the region of thousands of pounds.

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Near miss – excavator rolls down roadside gulley

Scottish Woodlands - Tool box Talk

Use extreme caution when reversing or slewing, ensure there is good visibility and a clear path
around the machine.

For further guidance and information refer to
‘FISA 704 Excavators in tree work’.
‘FISA 703 Debogging and recovery of forestry machines’ can be used as a guide for the safe recovery of all bogged or over turned machinery.

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Tilhill Forestry - Safety and Assurance Bulletin March 2017

Planning for Power

Gearing up for the spraying season

Tick Time

Beware the Birds

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Timber lorry spills timber on public road - Feb 2017

Toolbox Talk from Scottish Woodlands and AW Jenkinson Transport

A timber lorry carrying a load of 1.7m posts overshot a sawmill entrance, the driver braked too severely, causing the bunks of posts in the bed of his trailer to ‘shift’ and part of the front bunk load to spill out onto the public highway and verge.

While ‘it is ultimately the individual drivers ‘legal’ responsibility to ensure his load is safe and secure’. It is responsibility of the whole of the Forest Industry, for its reputation and for the safety of the wider General Public (our communities, our families and friends) to ensure we are all working, both ‘in and out of forest’, to our own agreed and binding ‘Codes of Practice’.

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