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Forestry Safety Summit - April 2012

Forestry Safety Summit

In early March, Steve Lavery attended the Forestry Safety Summit. This was a gathering of the main UK forestry companies, organisations and representative bodies such as Confor and UKFPA.

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UPM Tilhill launches Step Change In Safety - March 2012

UPM Tilhill launches Step Change In Safety

The January Safety Bulletin provided you with the initial information about the Step Change In Safety programme. This is an important new safety programme from UPM and the Tilhill official launch commenced on 5th March 2012 with a briefing from me to all Managers.

A lot of work has already been put into the programme both corporately and at a local level in Tilhill. UPM has laid out its minimum standards on many topics. Regardless of local laws these standards represent the minimum that must be applied wherever UPM works in the world.

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Step Change In Safety Update - February 2012

Step Change In Safety Update

Last month we gave a comprehensive introduction into UPM’s Step Change In Safety. However, you may wonder what is happening now?

Each month in the Safety Bulletin we shall keep you up to date with current progress. During January a suite of new safety standards have been released. These are available for everyone to view on the intranet. Simply follow the Step Change In Safety link from either the main UPM Intranet Page or the UPM Tilhill Intranet home page.

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Return to Work - January 2012

Return to Work

Welcome back to work in a New Year, a year where we must strive and work together to create safe working environments for us all.

2011 saw our massive improvements in safety performance of 2010 level off. During 2010, we managed to achieve a 35% reduction in our TRIR rate compared to 2009. That was a significant achievement. For 2011 we had set a target of reducing that by a further 10%. We were on course to achieve this until September.

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