Current Safety Bulletins

Metal fragment in eye – medical intervention injury

Wear eye protection.  Get into the habit of wearing eye protection - we often work in remote and poorly accessed locations and the consequences of even a relatively minor injury can quickly develop into something much more serious.

Read the Scottish Woodlands Bulletin.

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Forwarder contacts overhead power line – Dangerous occurrence

The FWM worksite scoping visit had identified a safe machine unloading area, this had been marked on the worksite map and detailed on the documentation. Any proposed deviation to the work plan should be agreed with the FWM - there may be safety or other factors of which you are not aware. If your machine does come into contact with an overhead power line, always follow the guidance in the FISA ‘Look up, Stay alive’ leaflet.

See Scottish Woodlands Safety Bulletin

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Forwarder overturns - near miss

A Valmet 865 fitted with double band tracks overturned. It was carrying a full load of 3.7m logs. The machine operator was not wearing his seat restraint and fell within the cab. His fall broke one of the machine windows. He was unhurt and exited the cab through the door.

See Scottish Woodlands attached Safety Bulletin for ways to avoid such near misses.

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Tree worker in court after father and son suffer hand injuries

A self-employed arboriculturalist from Spalding has been fined after two workers  – a father and son – both suffered hand injuries while splitting logs. - Read full HSE news item.

The risks associated with unguarded machinery are well known in the industry, and so are the measures that should be taken to minimise or remove those risks.

New Entrants to Forestry and Supervision

A reminder to all supervisors of the need to provide supervision particularly to new entrants to forestry.

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