FISA 806 Welfare

Forestry workers often work in isolated and challenging locations and are expected to undertake difficult tasks to a professional standard.  The provision  of facilities for their general welfare has been required by law for over 20 years.  The FISA Worksite Operations Working Group in consultation together with forestry safety professionals and the wider industry have produced the FISA 806 Welfare Safety Guide to assist duty holders to understand what the existing Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 require.  This FISA guide also gives clear examples of types of welfare provision that are considered reasonably practicable on forestry sites.  These examples demonstrate how on larger/more complex sites welfare facilities can, as well as provision of welfare facilities, provided seated team discussion/ planning/training area/space to store site paperwork/provision of drying facilities. 

This FISA guide is new to the forestry industry and will be released with request for feedback to FISA.  Comments will be fed back to the Worksite Operations Working Group and the guide will be reviewed eighteen months after release.  Having this review period will assist in getting the guide right for the industry; this is important as we want to encourage the industry to step forward and improve the approach to welfare provision on forestry sites.

April 2020 - FISA has produced a new Safety Bulletin on Welfare Provision - additional advice.

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