FISA & TTF Posters for Strapping Timber Lorries

The FISA Haulage Working Group and Timber Transport Forum have created a poster to illustrate the minimum strapping requirements for typical loads on timber lorries. 

It is available here to download as an A2 poster, A3 poster and A5 double sided flyer.

Posters are being sent out to mills in the next weeks to be displayed at weighbridges and other suitable places where they will be seen - please look out for them.

The flyer can be handed out to the drivers of timber lorries.  Please impress upon drivers that presenting loads of timber without the correct strapping is not an option.

Please also ensure that there are designated and safe de-strapping areas for drivers. 

Further information on safe loading of roundwood can be found in the Road Haulage of Round Timber Code of Practice 4th Edition which can be downloaded from https://timbertransportforum.org.uk/work/good-practice

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Forest Haulage Safety Manual 2018

The new updated FISA Forest Haulage Safety Manual 2018 is now available, with thanks to Volvo for sponsoring and supporting the update of this publication.

Hard copies are being produced and will be distributed both at the forthcoming TTF conference in Inverness in March and via Timber processors weighbridges around the country.

Download the Manual below - A4 printable version.

Download Document

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Road Haulage of Round Timber - Code of Practice

The Timber Transport Forum has prepared this 4th edition of the Road Haulage of Round Timber Code of Practice to provide a general statement of the legal and technical issues relating to the road haulage of round timber in Great Britain. The Code of Practice has no legal status, and while care has been taken in preparing this edition, it does not cover every issue, or provide detailed guidance on specific problems.

Download Document

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The use of vehicle structure in load securing on heavy goods vehicles HSE-RR1078

HSE Research Report

Securing loads for safe transport is a legal requirement in the UK. It helps to protect the driver of the vehicle, other road users and pedestrians during the vehicle’s journey from vehicle rollover or load detachment, and the driver and unloading personnel from the risks inherent in unloading a load that has been able to move in transit.

This report assesses the legislation applicable to the transport of goods in the UK under both road traffic and health and safety at work legislation. It assesses the guidance available to operators and consignors and the methods of securing loads that are commonly-used at present.

It is suggested that the concept of the load securing system, which comprises the structure of the vehicle, physical barriers to movement, and/or lashings, be given more prominence in current practice. In order to make effective use of the vehicle structure, it is important to ensure that the structure is in sound condition, and that vehicle headboards and bulkheads, in particular, are both strong enough to resist forward movement of the load and also maintained in serviceable condition to protect the driver from ingress of the load to the cab.

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