Stay Safe in Scotland’s Outdoors


Stay Safe in Scotland’s Outdoors

NHS Inform has a permanent ‘one-stop shop’ for advice on how to avoid bugs and germs that can be encountered in Scotland’s outdoors  at

It provides information on how to avoid the common diseases people can catch when out in the countryside – and is relevant to those working outdoors, both employees and employers responsible for their employees wellbeing. 

In particular, there is advice about ticks and Lyme disease (with a useful video on tick removal) as well as advice on safe drinking water and an emphasis on the need for effective hand washing provisions, which is particularly important for outdoor workers. The site will be regularly updated to ensure that it remains relevant and provides the best available advice. 

This permanent resource offers a consistent suite of simple precautions to help people to avoid most bugs and germs whilst encouraging them to actively enjoy Scotland's outdoors.