About FISA training events


About FISA training events

How long does the course last?

The course duration is one day, of which in the case of operators at least 60% should be hands-on chainsaw time. The remainder may cover preparation and maintenance if required, but the session must be included to cover risk assessment and emergency planning. The detail of the course content is available on the FISA website

How many candidates can be trained at one time?

Because of the content and assessments required for the chainsaw refresher courses a maximum of 4 candidates may attend any one course given by one FISA Trainer. In the case of the supervisor course which will not involve hands–on work, the number of candidates can be increased to a maximum of 12.

How do I apply for Training?

FISA operate a central application and booking service. To apply you should complete the Operator Application Form or Group Booking Form and indicate the course being applied for. FISA will process your application and advise you when a suitable training event is available.

How much will it cost?

The courses will be delivered by a FISA recognised trainer.

Cost for FISA member attendees on Chainsaw Refresher courses is £128 + VAT.  Non FISA members will be charged £178 + VAT.

In the case of the Supervisor course the cost is £110 + VAT and £185 + VAT respectively. 

In the case of Forestry Works Manager course the cost is £110 + VAT and £185 +VAT respectively.

What do I need to bring with me?

If you are an operator you will need to bring with you:

  • evidence of the certificates of competence in chainsaw use that you currently hold
  • your chainsaw, PPE and other work equipment details of which will be issued with your booking confirmation. Download - Equipment List - what to bring with you.

It is essential that all equipment / clothing is in good condition and working order and meets the requirements of FISA/AFAG safety guide 301 and current industry best practice.

Failure to meet this basic requirement will prevent you participating on the day.

How will skills be assessed?

The FISA Trainer will test skills against current best practice and make reasoned judgements on the competence of the candidate. The update training is not a formal re-assessment of NPTC or other assessment criteria and therefore there is no requirement for an independent assessment.

The scheme requires individual technical skills to be tested, marked and recorded using the following definitions.

Five Year Refresh

Competent – Operator displayed appropriate technical skills. Five-year cycle of update training deemed appropriate.


Re-train – Safety of operator/third parties compromised. Retraining within 1 month required.

In extreme circumstances, and where there is considered to be risk to life, suspension from specified chainsaw operations may be required. Details will be recorded and reported to the manager / employer within 24 hours.