Training Documents and Records


Training Documents and Records

Record of Attendance

At the end of the training event the trainer will provide a signed registration form to the candidate as evidence of attendance.

N.B. The record of attendance will not provide any reference or comment re an operator’s skill level and therefore cannot be used to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the FISA scheme.

Chainsaw Refresher Record

After the training event the trainer will complete a chainsaw Refresher Record for each candidate and forward to FISA. The Refresher Record will list the key technical skills observed and each will be marked against the 5-year or Re-train criteria. The trainer will also record comments to support the assessment. The comments should be constructive and provide guidance to the candidate / employer/manager. The Refresher Record will show an Overall Assessment 5-year refresh; Re-train; along with any specific recommendations e.g. these may include a requirement to consolidate particular skills, or for additional monitoring to be carried.

Subject to the overall assessment the Record will show an expiry date.

FISA will email the Refresher Record to the candidate, copy to the nominated manager or employer as appropriate.

NB. The Chainsaw Refresher Record is evidence of compliance with the FISA scheme and must be retained. It will require to be presented prior to commencing work.

FISA Database.

As part of the administration and security of the scheme FISA will maintain a database of chainsaw refresher training. In the case of FISA administered events this will happen automatically.