FT1 How to become a FISA Trainer


FT1 How to become a FISA Trainer

How to apply:
This document explains the requirements and process for individuals to become FISA recognised Trainers
FISA “Recognised” Trainers

A key requirement of the FISA scheme is to ensure measures are in place to maintain the quality and standard of training.  It is of primary concern to all those involved, participants, employers, managers and trainers alike to ensure that the training is delivered by credible trainers. To this end FISA has put in place a structure for screening and training the trainers to become FISA recognised.

FISA recognised Trainers will be provided with a certificate to this effect. FISA recognition will initially apply for a three year period after which individuals will need to re-apply.

Post 1 October 2013 only Refresher Training provided by FISA Recognised trainers will be considered as compliant with the FISA scheme.

If you are an existing trainer interesting in applying to become FISA Recognised, click here.

A full list of FISA Recognised trainers is available to FISA members, click here.

The application process consists of 3 steps:

1. Applicants must first complete the FISA Trainer Application form (FTA1). The application must be supported by 2 nominations, one of which must be a current FISA member and the other an existing FISA approved Trainer, both of which are willing to act as referees. Nominations should be submitted via email as directed on the form.

2. Applications will be reviewed by the Trainer Review Panel (TRP) and if appropriate the applicant will be recommended for step 3.

3. The applicant will attend a FISA ‘Train the Trainer’ 3 Day course. The course will cover all of the FISA refresher courses currently being offered. This will be arranged through the FISA booking system and will be given by two existing recognised and qualified FISA Trainers. Before qualifying on day 3, the new Trainers performance will be verified by one of the TRPs.

NB. The Instructor course will normally comprise 4 attendees the cost per attendee will be £265 + VAT (£290 + VAT if not a FISA member) payable to FISA.

To become a FISA Recognised Trainer the applicant must comply with the following conditions:

FISA Trainer Experience

All FISA recognised Trainers must be a current Lantra Awards instructor / assessor and City &Guilds / NPTC assessor for all the activities covered during the FISA refresher events. A minimum of 3years of appropriate industrial experience is required.

FISA Trainer conduct:

All FISA recognised Trainers agree to maintain a high level of professionalism at all times. They must conduct themselves appropriately when co-ordinating, delivering, and providing records and comments in relation to FISA refresher training. They must ensure the safety of all attendees and those affected by their activities on any FISA refresher training event and training site. All records must be returned / sent on to the appropriate and nominated people within the specified time periods. Operator records and site documents must be returned to FISA within 6working days of any course delivered.

FISA Trainer standards:

FISA Trainers must comply with the relevant industry standards e.g. AFAG / FISA / AA / HSE, industry awarding bodies guidance. The Trainer must ensure an emergency plan, a site specific risk assessment and any other site owner / manager requirement is documented and recorded as required. The FISA Trainer must ensure the relevant permissions and site inspections are completed prior to delivering the event on a work site. This will include compliance with: environmental, legal, and industry good practice, and landowner / management requirements.

The FISA Trainer must ensure their PPE, tools, equipment and vehicles and any work sites used, are maintained to appropriate standards. The FISA Trainer must check that attendee’s PPE, tools, equipment are of an appropriate standard for use during training.


FISA Trainers must only communicate the findings, comments, recommendations or the results of individuals' appraisals to the people nominated by the individual operator or person commissioning the refresher event. These will be shown on the FISA refresher event booking form.

Complaints and appeals:

Any complaints about a FISA Trainer, or any relevant person in connection with FISA events, and any appeals made in relation to the outcome or recommendations made by a FISA Trainer must be made in writing to the TRP who will look to resolve the appeal, failing which it will be referred to the current FISA Chairman.


The FISA Trainer must ensure all relevant records and documentation is completed fully and accurately, stored securely, forwarded to the relevant people within 1 week of any FISA events.