Forest Works Manager Training


Forest Works Manager Training

FISA has now finalised the basis of its manager competency training and is pleased to launch its Forest Works Manager Training Course.

The day long course has been designed and developed by industry managers, contractors and experts. 

The course will provide attendees with a knowledge and understanding of site safety management including individual and organisational responsibilities based around the industry guidance document ‘Guidance on Managing Health and Safety in Forestry'.

Currently attendance is not compulsory, however it will be seen as a strong demonstration of commitment to manager competency development and should be strongly encouraged throughout the industry targeting primarily those holding the Forest Works Manager positions and or Main Contractors. Ultimately we would see this course moving towards compulsory status.

Please contact if you wish to undertake this course – noting:

  1. How many people require training?

  2. In which region of the country do you wish training to occur? (General i.e. “South Scotland” or “South West England”)

  3. Do you or your organisation have a venue which is suitable for training? (must be able to seat 14+ people in comfort with all the usual facilities)

There are FWM course dates coming up in early 2020:

Perth - 10 February 

Inverness - 14 February

Marlborough - 19th February 

Midlands - 5th March

Please email if you would like to join one of these course dates - as soon as possible to confirm venues and date.

If insufficient candidates wish training on these dates the date will be cancelled or moved.

Each course can accommodate up to 12-16 attendees. Attendance is 9.30am - 4pm. The intention is to have a mix of managers and contractors on each course to optimise learning and knowledge exchange.


Cost for FISA member attendees on FWM course is £110 + VAT.  Non FISA members will be charged £185 + VAT.